Give Me Gillian Anderson Skin, Please


I always come late to new shows. I typically start watching a show two or three years after everyone else is done talking about it. And then I show up and say, “OMG have you seen ‘Dexter’?”

I just started watching The Fall (only one [er, two?] season behind, thank-you-very-much), and can’t get over Gillian Anderson’s skin. It’s luminescent. It’s the Cara Delevingne of skin. Her skin is the perfect compliment to her character – pale, beautiful and fearless.

According to Anderson’s AMA, she adheres to the following regimen:

It’s a mixture of Clarins scrub, the orange one, I don’t know which one that is, an Estee Lauder repair serum, and evening face cream, and then daytime I think it’s Clinique, there’s one that has a lot of moisture in it. And Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is the best invention known to mankind since bread.

Anderson moisturizes to “within an inch of her life” to appease the show’s makeup artist. I am, tonight, starting my very own Gillian Anderson From The Fall skin care regimen and hope to have similarly glowing results.

And maybe I’ll even catch the new X-Files while people are still talking about it.

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